Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Year Gone

It's been a while since my last letter, we didn't email last week because we just skyped instead (which was awesome), and P day is weird this week because of the New Year.

Christmas here is Hungary was awesome. A lot of the past couple weeks have been full of tracting. Most of our investigators told us to call them after the holidays, so we have been doing a lot of finding. It has gone pretty well though. I'm super excited for this next couple of weeks because the work should really get going here, all of our old investigators and a bunch of people that we tracted into and said they didn't have time but to come back after the holidays.

We had a sweet baptism on Saturday. Ádám and his sister Szandi. We teach Ádám, the other Elders teach Szandi. The service went super well, they were both very ready. I love baptisms.

We did a little bit of caroling over the holidays, but not a lot. Caroling isn't super big here and a lot of the songs in the hymnbook are English songs translated so the Hungarians don't know them very well. We had some street caroling before Christmas that went pretty well though.

Christmas was awesome, skyping home was sweet, technology is so awesome. You all looked great, the time went too fast. I'll see you on Mother's Day!

We had another cool experience with the Book of Mormon and prayer this week. We finally committed an investigator to pray specifically about the Book of Mormon. The next program we asked, "Did you pray?" "Yes." "And?" "I felt the spirit super strong. And lots of peace." Yes! It was sweet, the Book of Mormon is true, prayer is awesome! All those moments of seeing the effect the gospel has on people makes all the work worth it. This is the most rewarding job ever.

Happy Birthday to Harriet and a Happy New Year to all of you! May we all commit this near year to try and be more like Christ, and more fully give ourselves to the gospel.

I love you all!
Parkinson Elder

PS  I'll try to get some pictures out, but figuring it out on these computers in Hungarian is difficult. Just have David photoshop me in front of Hungarian landmarks.  Don't worry Dad I'll figure it out.