Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

This year has been super long and full of growth, looking back to starting my second semester at BYU seems so long ago, so much has happened since then. This year will be special as I will be a missionary for all of it.

We had a super good week here. The highlight of it was Gergő, one of the most incredible people I've ever met. We met at English class and got his number a couple weeks back and met once. He offered to say the opening prayer and said an incredible, humble prayer. We then met last week on Friday and Saturday and he came to all 3 hours of church on Sunday. He was getting along well with the branch members, and kept thanking us for the invitiation. It was an awesome fast and testimony meeting too so that helped. Anyway, he's awesome, I feel like he should be teaching us instead of us him sometimes.

We also had a cool experience where we tracted into a part member family. The kids are both super strong members, the son was the branch mission leader when I moved in, but the parents are not members. We talked with them and should start teaching them again now, hopefully that will work out.

I have started to really appreciate when people are just nice. Sometimes even when people some no if they are nice at the door it helps a lot. We were doing look ups last week of people who said to come back, and when we were trying to get into a building a guy came out and told us to leave. He then started walking down the street and yelling up to people in the buildings that the Jehovah's Witnesses were coming round so to watch out. It was great. Right after that we ran into a super nice man, he told us he was super sorry, he had people over, but can we come back Monday? Those little reminders that the world is full of awesome people, not matter how much it may not seem like it at times.

Lots of Love,
Elder Parkinson