Monday, August 24, 2015


This week we had a lot of finding time, possibly the most in my mission. August 20th was a big holiday and so a lot of people were out of town or busy. We have been having a lot of success, getting a lot of numbers, but we are still having trouble contacting people, and a lot of our potential people are out of town as well. Yesterday we were finally setting up a program with a man we had met but when he was telling me his address the phone service died. So hopefully we have more success with that this week,

We had another Zone Meeting in Miskolc this week, so we got to go back up there again. It went well, they talked about finding a lot, which is a good topic. It's getting to the point where I feel like I've already heard it all before, but we can always learn. I think finding with faith is the most important thing. And dillegence.

We finally went and toured the Eger castle today. Lots of cool history inside. When I get home I need to do a bunch of research on Hungarian history because I get a lot of snippets from people we talk with and other stuff, but I want to get some solid research done. Who are the Hungarians?

Also, the Eger Castle had a wax exhibit displaying the main characters from the Eclipse of the Crescent moon book. Maybe it will help you enjoy the book more.

Love, Elder Parkinson
Eger from the castle walls

Overlooking the Eger main square

The captain and his wife

Turkish soldier

Istvan Dobo

Monday, August 17, 2015

God is at the helm

This week went great again. We spent a lot of it out finding, mostly on the streets, but it went really well. I think we got 10 numbers of people who said that we could set up with them to meet. They all have busy schedules, but we have set up for sure with at least one of them. We'll see what happens with the others. We also met a cool inactive guy the other day, we were in the area and decided to do some look ups. We really need men in our branch, Our joke with Elder Bailey (the Branch President), every time we meet is that before we come back we have to find a Branch President. We're working on it.

Chats with people on the street always seem to be super random, I guess that's how missionary work is, but everything is unique. Each has it's own story. Anything from a lady reading a book on a park bench to an old man standing in front of a bar (he ended up inviting us in for drinks too, even just a coke when I said we don't drink. I decided that wasn't the best option). God puts people in our path though. Even if he just knows we are having a hard time and need someone to talk too. On Friday night we were streeting and I was feeling very tired, suddenly a man ran up to us, shook our hands, and said, I just want to wish you both a lot of happiness (Tip, if you ever want a wish to come true try wishing that to someone, it works really well). Then he ran off. Just what I needed to keep going. Or talking to Ági and seeing how happy and changed she is after her baptism, I just want to give everyone that same feeling.

I can't really think of any other stuff. We found our bikes in the basement, I mentioned to another Elder at transfers that I wanted to look into getting bikes, and he said we already had them, we just had to fiddle around with the 12 keys we have lying around to get through the 2 locked doors between us and them. And then go pump up the super flat tires. But now we have transportation!

This Thursday is August 20th, Szent István's corrination. I guess it means I'm getting old now that I'm starting to hit holidays for the second time.

Also, so everyone always complains about Nephi killing Laban, Exodus 20:13 - Thou shalt not kill. The other day I read Exodus 21:13. He was totally justified Biblically.

Parkinson Elder

Monday, August 10, 2015

This week was awesome!

So the transfer happened, We went down to Budapest on Wednesday, and actually ended up meeting a guy we knew on the train. So we talked and he blew my mind with an analogy of basically the Bible and the Plan of Salvation to a Jewish wedding feast. Kind of like the parable of the 10 virgins on steriods. Super cool.

Anyway, I met my new companion, Elder Lawrence. He is straight from the MTC, grews up in Arizona. He's awesome, reminds me a lot of my self, but not as in love with his calculator. He's very ready to do missionary work and so we had a lot of success finding people this week, especially out on the streets. He is helping to push me to really talk with everyone. Oh. and one of the people we met was a 71 year old man, and he used to be the Hungarian IronMan triatholon champion. Back in 97 and 98. Yeah, do the math. He's still in good shape. Don't we have an ancestor or something that always ran ironmans when he was old? I remember some stories. So many cool people.

We also had the baptism on Saturday! It went super well, a lot of people showed up, including one of our investigators who loved it. We rented a pool at a hotel nearby, and had a conference room there as well where we had the program. The whole thing was awesome. I was able to both baptize her on Saturday and then confirm her on Sunday. The whole thing made me think a lot about the idea of being an instrument in the hands of God, I really didn't do anything to make this baptism happen, that was the work of countless others over the past year and a half, but I was blessed to be able to take part in it and be an instrument in God's hand to help his work go forward. 

That's about it for the week. This week has been so awesome, hard to describe in words so I won't really try. Just picture me smiling.

Parkinson Elder

A and I before the baptism
​The district with A. The sisters taught her. And Elder Lawrence is there on the right. Yeah, they picked up my camera when everyone decided it was time for the funny ones, hence the classy poses.

​A and M after the baptism. Identical twins, also 10 minutes apart. I taught M for 2 months up in Miskolc, and she got baptized in March. It was awesome to be able to talk to her again about that, she is now a ward missionary and an awesome member.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Transfer Calls came in this morning! Elder Egan will be leaving and I will be staying here and training! That will be sweet, I will go meet my new companion tommorrow in Budapest.

Other awesome thing of the week. On Saturday I did my first ever baptismal interview for an investigator of the SIsters who is being baptized on Saturday. And during the interview she suprised me by asking if I would be the one to baptize her! So that will be happening this Saturday. And to make it even more awesome she just happens to be the twin sister of someone I taught in Miskolc who got baptized a few weeks after I left, and she will be coming down for the baptism as well. So that was basically awesome.

We also are still teaching this new Buddhist investigator of ours, it's interesting, because some things he understands really really well, but other basic truths, such as God and Jesus Christ he doesn't get. It kind of reminds me of the letter Tom just wrote. But he responded really well to Jospeh Smith, and decided it was true. It was also really cool when we talked about the Book of Mormon. He read a bit and said it has to much fighting, and then started talking about his life and his enemies, problems, etc... I was like, this is exactly why the Book of Mormon is so important, they all had problems too, wars, rumors of wars, all that good stuff. If life was all perfect in it how could it help us in our messed up lives? I didn't say it exactly like that but pretty much, and he took it pretty well. He is also the only man I ever had complain church was too short when we invited him. I think he would be down to become a Mormon Monk.

We also had a sweet experience yesterday, we were tracting and knocked on the door of our first counsler. I still hadn't been able to talk with him much before this so it was awesome to get let in, be able to go over some administative stuff with him, get to know the family, share a spiritual thought, and have them give us the name and address of a friend they know who would like to meet. And then on the way to our next thing after that a 14 year old kid walks up to us, says he's a member and holds the priesthood, and is coming to the baptism on Saturday. Elder Egan has been passing the sacrament every week this transfer so hopefully we can change that.

We also had interviews last week with President Szabadkai. It was awesome having an all Hungarian interview. He will do great things for this mission.

Parkinson Elder