Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Don't Drink, Watch Star Wars

Sorry for the late email, our Zone ended up having interviews with President yesterday and so we had to knock emailing over to today. And that'll happen next week as well with transfers.

We had a super awesome week, I can actually think of stuff to write about. We had a baptism on Saturday, one of the other Elders investigators. Cool story, her son met the missioanries in England through a free meet the mormons showing (they then asked him if he wanted to meet the elders. Oh, there's a sequel!) He then got baptized, told his mom to look it up, and then came down to baptize her 6 months after his baptism. Really cool and some great ward turn out, we even had a new investigator show up to it.

The miracle of the week goes to that man trying to quit alchohol. We've been talking to him multiple times a day by phone, but hadn't met for almost a week and a half until we finally did Saturday. He decided again he's going to quit alchohol, and up until know he hasn't drunk anything since then. The first day or two stopping the withdrawals literally almost killed him, but he is doing a little better now, still a bit sick. He also called me up Saturday night with a question about how to get answers to prayers "I prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and nothing happened. Except for when he Iooked at it I got a really good warm feeling." We were even able to set a baptismal date with him for January 2nd (Happy Birthday Harriet!), and are really hoping he can be all ready to go for that. So if anyone has any doubts about the atonement, I will testify of it's reality.
We had a good little Thanksgiving, we had some Turkey and mashed potatoes. And we each got a piece of pie from one of the senior couples when they came with us to a program the next day. Pumpkin Pie is so good.
We had another investigator that we had been thinking about dropping tell us she had a big miracle in her life, she got a much better work place where she doesn't have to work on weekends, and gets paid a lot more so she can save up to get married. So that was awesome.
Fun tracting story of the week, we are in an apartment building, and it had automatic lights so as we are walking down the stairs the lights above us turned off and so we were in darkness. As we get to the bottom those lights flick on, and Elder Anderson yelps and scatters to the side. I glance over the other way and am also suprised by a huge cardboard cutout of C3P0 in front us. Go Star Wars.
I finally had to get my trenchcoat out this past week. Although today it is a bit warmer.
Have a great week!
Parkinson Elder