Monday, December 21, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the year...

We actually had a really busy week this week, which is good, its means we are starting to get some more work. We met with V. a ton again, and he was able to make it to the ward Christmas party on Saturday where he also took part in the program on the organ and to church on Sunday. That was super cool, he is now looking pretty healthy. So if he can get off those last couple of cigarettes he should be good to get baptized at the begenning of the year.
We have a mission goal of visiting all the members before Christmas, so we mapped up all the members in our area and hae spent a lot of time going around and looking them up. We have gotten a lot of bad addressess, but hopefully this next week we will have some more success.
We had the Christmas Zone Conference on Friday, that was a blast, we also got special permission to go see the little prince in theaters as a part of it, so that was really cool as well. Good movie. And the large popcorns here are only 650 forint.
We met with a few interseting people, one guy on the street that used to be good friends with Joseph Smith. Then they both died. I guess he is back now. We meet him again on Tuesday. And maybe the Budapest mafia. Or at least a nice lady with mysterious Russian friends that popped in and 10000 kg of tea in her basement possibly imported from Iran. I think tea is a code word.

I cant think of much else that happened, we have a lot of appointments set up with members for this next week, that should be a blast. I cant wait to skype on Friday.
Merry Christmas
Parkinson Elder
PS. Due to keyboard problems I claim lack of responsibility for lack of certain puncuation marks that might make things better English or more exclaimed. Spelling mistakes are still my fault.