Monday, June 6, 2016

Read the Scriptures

So we switched out P-days back to Monday because Saturdays are way more effective for working. I hope no one thought I was dead.
This week went well, we went out working one day with President Szabadkai, we actually got let in tracting with him and got to teach a great restoration lesson, which was awesome.
We got to travel a bit again as well, we went down to Kecskemét for splits and did a baptismal interview in Dunaújváros.
I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon reading challenge marking Christ's name. I'm at a little over 5000 counts so far under about 135 different names. I'm hoping to finish by Saturday. It's been a great experience, I recommend it.
We had a Western Europe stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake, that was super cool. All of Tom's Norwegian saints up north were watching the same thing. Small world.
We were able to have a couple lessons with some cool new people this past week. I always joke with Elder Paul that the Lord is leading his feet because he always narrowly avoids stepping in dog poop on the street (there are a couple dogs on our street with bladder problems), but he really does in even more significant ways. It's always great when we find those that are ready for and need the message of the gospel.
Congrats to everyone on graduating/getting into orchestras/getting new jobs/getting married/finishing the school year/being awesome/whatever else you are all doing back home. Have a great start of the summer!
Parkinson Elder