Saturday, May 28, 2016

Missionary Work

This week was busy, we went on splits twice, once to Győr, once across the river to Pest. Those were both super fun, and luckily neither required too much travel time. I don't know why, but for some reason sitting on a train for a couple hours makes me way more tired then tracting.

We have tried this week to really work with the members more. We set up to meet with a few active people, we were able to meet with a long time inactive member with our ward mission leader, and will go back to her. We have one member who is already has a friend she wants us to meet with, and we should be meeting with them soonish. Give a referral to your local missionaries.

We have some good potential new investigators, a family we tracted into on Sunday and met again yesterday with a member. Another younger guy we found tracting that Elder Paul taught this week on splits, he is very interested, and another potential family, dad and daughter. We had a ward hike and picnic today, the daughter came with another family friend and they both enjoyed it. It was a super good ward activity, a lot of members and investigators showed up. We put together a little game of football and taught everyone how to play. Two hand touch of course.
Parkinson Elder