Monday, January 19, 2015


Really good week this week, but as always I have trouble remembering exactly what happened. I'll do my best.

We had some pretty solid tracting earlier in the week. I usually bring 2 Book of Mormons with me at all times, and the one time I forgot the second one on Thursday it turns out we could have used 3. But we are set up with one of them for tomorrow and gave the other a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, so hopefully it all goes well.

We're still having adventures with our awesome math teacher investigator. He's still incredible, but super hard to meet with because he's super busy. When we asked about baptism he gave a long response that was pretty much, Can I pray about it to see if this is what God wants for me and if so of course. I'll take that response any day, I'm excited to see where he goes.

We had Zone Training again this week. It was super good, the other Elders here did awesome, and we had President Smith come up as well. My favourite part might have just been at the start when all the new missionaries went up and gave short tesimonies. Simple but incredible. We have some awesome new missionaries here.

Sunday was a little disappointing again, we had no investigators show up at church. That is such an important step, we really need to get them to show up. Hopefully the future goes better.

I really liked a letter I just got from Dad about simplicity. The gospel is so simple, it is only when we try to mix in our own desires and priorities that it becomes complex. If we remove those and focus on what God has said, everything becomes very clear, even if that clarity is not exactly what we think should happen. It's all about trust.

Parkinson Elder