Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Off to the Big City

Transfer calls came in today. Big news, I'm headed to Budapest! I'll be on the Buda side (the city is split into Buda, Pest, and Kispest), which means I get the castle and a sweet view of Parliment. We'll have an actual ward, that will be exciting. My companion will be Elder Depallens, he is pretty old in the mission, I've seen him around a few times, but don't really know him. This should be a good transfer.

It'll be hard to leave Miskolc, I love this city. The work here is going super well here too, I finished off my stay here with a great week, we have a couple of cool new investigators and still some awesome old ones. Hopefully they turn into members at some point. I will also have to pack super fast, sometimes I think it would be nice if we had more then 24 hours notice on these things.

We finally got some people to come to church, we had 3 investigators there on Sunday. And the old Stake President (now in the Mission Presidency and over our area) came and spoke so it was super good. Our investigators thought it was great. Hopefully they keep coming.

Interesting story from tracting yesterday, we knocked on a door and heard an old lady calling for help. Apparently her leg hurt and she couldn't stand up. And she couldn't understand us well because old people have a terrible time with accents. We called the landlord and found another lady a floor up to help, they said they'd take care of it. Hopefully she turned out to be okay.

We also visited another castle today, it was awesome. Speaking of which, I got my camera to work today.  I haven't sent pictures for a while so I'll give you a bunch. You can decide if they are blog worthy or not.

Next time I write I'll be in Budapest! Have a great week everyone!
Parkinson Elder

They had a Christmas villámos​ (tram thing) running around Christmas. That's Santa on the front.

​The castle at night.

​The branch house, also super nice.

​Classic Hungarian ten stories. Also, notice how all roofs in Hungary are red.
​Our apartment was the top one between the statues. We had a nice place.

​Elder Loveland and I on top of a castle.

​Yes, they let us play with the real weapons. No, I don't know why my helmet has a beak.

​The full castle.

​This is Mancs, pretty much the Hungarian Balto. Not really sure what his story is but he's famous, and this statue is right outside our apartment.

​Baptism photo from a month ago. Ádám and Alexandra are in the middle, the other two are members, and then the Zone Leaders who taught Alexandra.