Monday, June 8, 2015

Been a While

The library didn't have internet last week, so we weren't able to email. I'm still alive. A lot has happened in the last two week, we had a mini transfer a week before the transfer and so I got put in a trio for a week, and now I am with Elder Lee, who is starting his second transfer.

Sad to hear that Elder Perry passed away. Our Branch President was out of town so Elder Miller was conducting church and announced it, I was translating for him when he said it, so it took me by suprise.

We had a big art festival in Kaposvár last weekend, booths lining the streets selling stuff and live music. It made for a lot of really good streeting time, the streets were packed all day, the only problem is we live a block from the main square and the music was still going strong at 10:30.

We had a fun last P-day last week, we went out biking through a little trail in a nearby forest, and founf a small lake a a natural spring to drink from (none of us brought water).

We had some good teaching moments as well this week. One sad moment was that J. will be moving to Switzerland in a week for work. It will be a big blessing for his family because he will make much better money, but I will miss him. He is planning to attend church still, and I know we have at least 2 Hungarians serving there so hopefully we can put them in contact with him.

We also had an investigator who finally read the Book of Mormon. I ask every time we meet and she always said no, but at the end of last program she said she would and called later saying she had read and liked it. That was sweet. She also fasted yesterday. I'm starting to not believe her claims to being athiest.

We had a couple great let in's while tracting, one was a lady who said she wasn't really interested, but offered us some water. We accepted so she let us in (she actually gave us apple juice). We talked with her and her husband for a little bit, and then he asked us what news we had brought. So we taught them a quick restoration. They said we could come back in the future, so well see how that goes. We also had another awesome one, after 3 long hours of tracting in the heat a lady let us in before we even said who we were. We met the husband and said we were missionaries, and so he asked what our message was. We shared the restoration and Book of Mormon with them, they loved it. She skimmed through the first 100 pages in the program, kept pointing out similarities to the Bible. I see lots of potential there.

That is about it summer has come around, it is starting to get hot. Luckily my companion is from California so he's good with the heat.

Congrats to Mike and Mindee on the wedding and to Ben on the mission call!

Parkinson Elder