Monday, June 15, 2015

Rolling in the Heat

Summer is rolling around in full now, this week it was in the 30's and humid, luckily the city put up a misting thing on the main street, basically a big arch that sprays mist, a great way to cool off. The mayor just won my vote.

This week we had difficulty setting up with a lot of people. Our finding was super good though, we had a lot of people we talked to tracting and on the streets, the only problem is that we have had a hard time setting up with them again as well. And one man we had a super good talk with at the door and gave a Book of Mormon answered the phone yesterday saying super quickly that there was a misunderstanding and he doesn't want to meet. I suspect he Googled us and found some bad stuff.

We did have a really great streeting experience the other night, I started talking to a guy on the street, and following the idea from another Elder in the district I asked if I could share a favorite scripture from the Book of Mormon. Right when I finished a big bachlourette (no idea how to spell that) party walked up, from what I understood one of the girls told the guy he was supposed to eat the candy that was tied on a necklace around her neck, all the other people whipped out Iphones. At this point I'm thinking, well, there goes the spirit and now we're about to be all over facebook. Luckily he turned them down and asked if we could keep talking on a bench nearby. We had a great talk and were able to give his number to the Pest Elders (he lives in Pest).

We also had some great pinch hitting from the other Elders, Elder Winkel (same one with the scripture sharing idea) made a deal with one of our investigators that he wouldn't drink energy drinks or soda for the rest of the transfer if she wouldn't drink alchohol for the same amount of time.

J. is also officially in Switzerland now, at first we thought he wouldn't go, because his friend was having trouble leaving behing his pet king pythons, but I guess they worked it out, he called Sunday morning and said he was off. I hope he can continue to progress there.

I also finished the New Testament, now on to D&C. I love the scriptures.

Enjoy summer vacation back home! Stay classy!


Parkinson Elder