Monday, June 29, 2015

People are awesome!

We had an awesome week this week. I think the best part was just all of the people we were able to meet.

There was a man that met with the missionaries 2 transfers back that we were finally able to set up with. He started off by saying he respected our church but had doubts about it, but we had a really strong program about the Spirit, the Book of Mormon, the Saviour and forgiveness. He says he knows he felt the spirit when he watched the restoration film with the old Elders, really wants to just be a better person. Incredible man.

We then had a family that we tracted into a few weeks back and were finally able to meet again. They are having a super hard time in their family with lots of personal problems. We asked if they had read from the Book of Mormon and they said a little, the dad then flipped open to Alma 42, read a few verses, and started to comment on how well it explained things. So we switched up our lesson plans and taught the Plan of Salvation, awesome program.

We met an American on the street, journying through Europe with his guitar. On splits Elder Lee and Elder Winkel gave him a Book of Mormon and had a sweet talk with him, and we met him again the next day and had a good chat. He had read from it, left town that day but hopefully keeps reading.

Saturday night we were knocking on doors, as we were waiting at the gate a car pulled up, we told the man who we were and he told us to wait while he parked the car and he'd be out. It turns out he had heard of us from South Park, and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and get his number, hopefully we can go back next week. Now imagine what will happen when Meet the Mormons comes out this summer.

The best thing about missionary work is the spirit, I have noticed that a lot this week, how when the spirit is with us we are happy. Even if we are just out knocking on doors for hours if the spirit is with us then we can do it with a smile on our face. Because we have sunshine in our souls.

President and Sister Smith go home this week and President and Sister Szabakai will come out. I'm sad to see the Smith's go home, but I'm excited for the changes that lie ahead.

Enjoy the heat wave back home. The weather here is gorgeous!
Sok Szeretettel,
Parkinson Elder