Monday, January 11, 2016

Gathering Israel

This was a great week, we spent a lot of time doing some look ups on less actives, we had been trying to look all of them up by before the holidays ended, that didn't happen (lots of inactive people here in Budapest), so we are still going. We also have a ton of people to look up again that haven't been home. We were able to find one cool family that we went back to on Saturdaay for lunch, and were able to share a good message. They also have a son on a mission so we'll see what happens. For some reason I feel like I owe that missionary to take care of his family. He is doing his job, we'll try to do ours.

We have also had some cool success tracting the last few days, on Saturday we got let in halfway through our first building and were able to teach an older couple about the restoration (unfortunately they were not interested in hearing more), and yesterday the first people we talked to let us in and we were able to teach again about the restoration to a family. Hopefully we will go back to them, and they also gave us a neighboor as a referal. It was a good experience to feel that God was guiding us to those who would hear our message.

Also, here is a picture from the baptism.

V. is still doing great, he came to a teaching with us last week and was a big help, he is trying to serve as much as he possibly can. We had another investigator come to church on Sunday and during Sunday School V. shared his story and testimony for a bit. She asked us afterwards "how did you do that". We didn't do anything, it was V. and divine help. Anyway she said that was a testimony builder for her. So he's already changing lives.

Closing thoughts, the local store has this thing where you can fill a bucket of oranges and buy it for 950 forint (about 3 bucks). Thanks to some inside info I have in the spherical orange stacking buissness, we got 28 oranges.

Parkinson Elder