Monday, January 25, 2016

The God of Israel lead the Camp!

Busy week, I'll try to remember what happened.
We got to watch the world wide missionary broadcast on Wednesday, that was really good. A lot on just focusing on the basics, teaching about faith in Christ and repentace according to the Spirit. We then had a Zone Conference the next day, We talked a lot together about the broadcast and how we can apply it in our work. We also wathced a clip from the church history films on Zion's camp, I think it applies really well to all of us, how our most important job is to keep the commandments and God will lead us (On that note I read a talk by Elder Bednar in which he compared Moses 1:39 with D&C 11:20. Mind=Blown).

 I was then thinking of that the next day when tracting, we only had a little bit of time, and we were squeezing in an hour of tracting between weekly planning and a few RCLA's (we have a new mission goal to tract a hour a day. Well by new I mean 6 months ago but is has been re-emphasized), and we had one lady not be very nice to us early in on, and then soon after got kicked out of the building we were in. So it wasn't the best start, but I remembered back to the Zion's camp thing and we just kept at it trying to do our job, we ended up getting let in soon later by a guy in the next building who likes american basketball, american country music he needed help translating, and said he would come to church (he didn't, but maybe next time). Anyway, it was cool to see how the failure and getting kicked out of one building led us to success in the next building. It's all about God's timing. Sometimes it doesn't work that fast but it's nice when it does.

V. was having a pretty rough week this week, so we spent a lot of time with him. It's just a reminder that the consequences of sin can be lasting even if we repent, he has made so much progress, but after so many years of alchoholism he has a lot to rebuild in his life, and not a lot of experience. So we have been trying to help him as best we can, and the ward members are still giving him great support.

We had some cool programs with a few less active people, hopefully we can get some of them back to church.
It snowed again, and this time it was sticky. One day when tracting we saw a guy make a small snowman in the courtyard of the building. By the time we had gotten to the bottem it had fallen over, so we put it back up. Daily act of kindness. Doesn't seem like much, but I was able to build my first snowman in at least 2 years so that was sweet.

Parkinson Elder