Monday, January 18, 2016

Knocking on Doors

Dear Familyl,

Ever since V. has gotten baptized things have been pretty quiet, meeting with him so often made me forget about how few other people we were meeting with. He did pass the sacrament this week though. And just got called as ward organist.
We spent a lot of time tracting, we actually got let in a couple of times, we were able to teach the restoration and give out some Book of Mormons. It's so great teaching something that makes so much sense. We had one guy let us in, we were talking about why the restoration was important in connection to the priesthood authority and baptism, he said, well what about all those people that lived between the Savior and Joseph Smith. Great question, the spirit world and baptism for the dead. He said it made a lot of sense, I'm just hoping he prays about it and reads the Book of Mormon.
We also had more success with some less actives. A couple more of them we were able to get into contact with. One of them we were talking with and realized that we had just talked with her daughter, also inactive, over the door phone a couple of days earlier, and are going back there tonight. Small little connections.
I can't really think of much else that happened, I am looking forward to that missionary broadcast on Wednesday.
Parkinson Elder