Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

We are continuing to spend a lot of time finding, we had teachings set up this last week with 4 new investigators, but only one of them went through, that lesson went really well though, and we hope to meet with him more in the future.
We had New Missionary training on Wednesday which was a lot of fun. I love being around new missionaries, they are so full of fire and motivated. It's also fun because I've seen them since day one and know them better. Elder Paul and I gave a training on obedience that went really well, except we got a little to into it and went way over our time limit. Punctuality is not our strong point.

We were also able to travel up to Dunaújváros yesterday so I could do a couple baptismal interviews. That was Elder Paul's last city and he had previously taught the people I was interviewing, so that was super cool. I remembered the train times incorrectly though, and instead of getting back for a 6:34 train we should up at 6:55, and had to wait until a 8:29 train left, pulling into Budapest past 10. So much for that great training on obedience and keeping curfew.
We have stake conference later today and tomorrow, The stake is now 10 years old, the first stake in post communist Europe. Hopefully we have another one soon.

Also, spring is fully in season with it's flash rain and hail storms. Luckily I always have an umbrella with me. Unluckily, Elder Paul usually does not. 

I'll see you all (or some of you) tomorrow.

Parkinson Elder