Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother's Day

It was nice talking with all of you on mother's day!

Hopefully the work here is finally starting to pick up, we had a really good planning session yesterday and have a pretty packed week for next week. We finally have a member present set up for later tonight, so we hope that goes through. We also are going back to a family we tracted into this week on Tuesday with our ward mission leader. We have some other new people we have set up with as well, hopefully they all work out. We have still been focusing a lot on finding, hopefully when we now start teaching people we will be able to remember how, I'm excited for what this next week brings though.
We had MLC on Wednesday, after which we were joined by a bunch of the stake leaders and we talked with them a bit on how to improve missionary work and work with the members. Working better with members is something we are trying to work on a lot. A lot of the members here are pretty new, especially in the small places (it's weird that I've been here in Budapest for 7 months now, I keep forgetting about all those small branches with all the small branch drama). The one big thing we are hoping to do is get all of the missionaries to have daily contact with the mission leader in their ward, which has been basically non-existent until now. It should go super well here in Buda, we are hoping it goes smoothly in all the small branches as well.
Also, after 2 years of hearing other missionaries tell stories about it, it finally happened to me. A guy on the street told us Jesus was Hungarian. Gotta love that national pride.
Have a wonderful week.
Parkinson Elder