Thursday, June 5, 2014

MTC Week 2

Not a lot new happened this week. Learn Hungarian. Teach Lessons. Learn the Gospel. Mix in some awesomeness and a bunch of the Spirit and you have my life.

Hungarian is continuing to go well. Somebody actually thought about this before creating the language. Unlike English. There are only 8 or so irregular verbs in the language, and the rules don't really have exceptions.

However, there are some useful words the Hungarians deemed unnecessary.
Fun - It's in the dictionary technically but it is never actually used. I guess the last Hundred years have been harder that I thought.
Have - No one has stuff so they're already all super humble. Right? Instead you say, My dog exists, or my cat doesn't exist. I guess that works.
Brother - There are two words for sister and technically words for brother, but again I guess they aren't used. We use just use sibling instead.

Other MTC things
Gym - Gym is a lot of fun, I always play volleyball, although on Tuesday mornings we play soccer, but my companion hurt his back playing that last week. Also, sports are supposed to be non contact, which means that the most competitive thing on the planet is MTC 4 square. One day I almost got trampled on my way to the volleyball court by an Elder who thought I was going to challenge him in a race to the king square.

Service - For Service we get to take down for devos Sunday night and Tuesday Night. We got to set up week 1, which is the funnest thing ever (we don't have a lot of time, so chairs fly. We have a system) but now we take down. That is a lot of fun too, best exercise I get all week.

Teaching - We finished teaching Ricsi on Wednesday, and now have two more investigators, Peter and Monika. Peter is pretty much a modern day Joseph Smith, he doesn't like any churches and thinks prayer should be more of a conversation between him and God. Monika is married to a member and is looking for how to improve her life. (Just so everyone is clear the investigators are our teachers, but they are like completely different people when we teach them). Teaching is going well, and we are understanding them better, but it gets had as we teach more difficult subjects. My go to explanation of the apostasy is, After Christ and the apostles died the people didn't know what to do. one church ... many church, with explosive hand motions. I can explain Joseph Smith and the restoration well, but the apostasy is difficult. Scriptures and pamphlets are very helpful.

That's about all I can think of that has happened so far. I'm getting used to working hard. Yesterday when we were planning today we had a 2 hour hole in our schedule. I asked Craig Elder what we should do and he suggested we could just relax. My mind had a little difficulty figuring out what that word meant, if someone wants to look it up in a dictionary for me that be great.

I hope your all still doing well, I've been enjoying the letters.

Parkinson Elder