Thursday, June 26, 2014

We're the old ones now...

This week went super fast, it feels like I was just writing my last letter. It has been super packed though, so I don't know why it went so quickly.

We had the new mission president's conference this last week, which means the cafeteria was weird. On the bright side, apostles were all over the place, 6 were at the Tuesday Devo by Elder Christofferson.

Speaking of Devo's on Sunday we had the best devotional ever by Sister Janice Kapp Perry. She wrote a bunch of primary songs and some hymns. We sung songs, and heard the best/worst pick up line ever that her husband used on her - Those lips look like their meant for more than just playing the clarinet. He proceeded to walk/old man dance across the stand and kiss her. The MTC went wild.

The language is still going good. One of our investigators got to 1 Nephi 20 in her Book of Mormon reading and wanted an explanation. I'm sure you can all guess which prophet Nephi was quoting. Anyways, first miracle - I had just read that chapter this morning, second miracle - I got off a decent explanation that actually flowed really well into our lesson.

One part I'm struggling a lot with right now is the accusative t, Hungarian has very little sentence structure so we need to add a 't' onto every direct object so people will know what is going on. Super important and super easy to forget. I'm working on it.

We had another teacher leave us this week, Beaumont Testvér. That was sad,  but he's heading off to Canada to get married and will be in Hungary on his honeymoon and will try to see us at the airport when we arrive, which will be awesome.

We also had all the Finns and Albanians leave on Monday and Tuesday. They were all awesome and it's weird having them gone, but we got 9 new Finnish Elders and 1 Finnish Sister yesterday. It's weird being the experience missionaries, we were the new ones just last month. I still don't know them very well but they seem like a great group.

Anyways, I learned some great spiritual things this week.
How to do Hard Things - By Parkinson Elder
1. Figure out if God wants you to do it. D&C 9:8-9 can help with that. If not, don't do it. If so, then
2. Have faith. See Moroni 7:33. Say a prayer asking for help.
3. Do it. Work hard. If you followed the first 2 steps you can't possibly fail. Again, see Moroni 7:33.
4. Be exactly obedient, emphasis on exact, so you don't get in the way of the blessings. See D&C 82:10.
5. Have gratitude. See D&C 59:21.
6. Watch miracles happen.

I think that's about it. We've started playing soccer more this week for gym, we have lost two games in a row to the Latvians and Malagasi's so we'll need to fix that. Hopefully the new Finns are good. It's been nice hearing from you all, it's hard be believe I have a little over three weeks left.

With Love
Parkinson Elder

With Marcus Corbitt, who was a missionary in Boise