Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 3

One more down, only 6 more to go. A lot happened this week but I'm really bad at remembering stuff when I write emails so I'll try not to forget a lot.

Friday was the last day for Grossen Tesvér, the greatest teacher on the planet. He spoke to us for over an hour in English on his last day, which was really weird. I am super excited to get out to Hungary, he told us a little about his mission and it sounds awesome. We had all decided to sing "God be with you til we meet again" for him in Hungarian on his last day, which apparently was also the song he heard his last day Sunday in Hungary. Tears were shed when he left.

We had some more great devotionals this week, Quentin L Cook came on Tuesday, yet another apostle. Apparently apostles used to come every fourth week or so, but ever since Easter they've been here almost every week. The work is hastening.

Hungarian is still coming along well, our teachers said that what we are doing now is probably the hardest thing we will learn in the MTC, so it should be all downhill from here. Right? We are putting forth an effort to speak out language more. In class we are now supposed to speak only Hungarian to our teachers, and on Tuesday we had a only speak Hungarian day. That made me realize that while I can teach the gospel okay in Hungarian my vocab of stuff pertaining to everyday life is very small. I guess I'll just spend all my time teaching the gospel.

I got to host new missionaries yesterday, that was a lot of fun. I hosted 4 new elders. When I dropped off the Chinese speaking one in his classroom I became very grateful I am speaking Hungarian. Also, one of them used to home-teach Tom, Elder Jorgenson or something. I'm bad with names.

The Fins and Albanians just started consecration week so they can only speak their languages. That means I now need to learn some basic Finnish and Albanian as well as Hungarian so I can communicate with them.

Also, our Branch President is big on obedience, and on Sunday he said we were doing so well that he challenged us to do a consecration week on obedience this week, and be perfectly obedient in everything. We really haven't had to change much. It's been very helpful though, Obedience -> Spirit.

Sorry I don't have pictures again this week. The sisters are supposed to send me some they took, I'll probably have them by next week. Also, everything is the same so there's not really anything new to take pictures of. Let me know if you have any requests.

Parkinson Elder