Monday, February 2, 2015


I made it down to Budapest. It was sad leaving Miskolc behind but this is a good place. I have a lot I still need to learn though. First off, Budapest is big. I feel like my sense of direction is better than it used to be (which is good because in America it was awful), but it will take some time to figure out where everything is. I like being here though, it feels a lot more alive than my other cities.
We have a big list of investigators here, most of whom I still do not know. That will be fun meeting and working with all of them, by the end of the week I should have a better idea of what's going on. The people we do meet with are awesome though. We have one super cool member we meet with who lived in America for a long time and had a pretty rough life. He is now working super hard to turn his life around and serve a mission. He's inspiring. Also, that non-smoking program the church has is super good, if you know anyone that wants to quit let them know.
I've been loving serving with Elder Depallens, unfortunetely he's been a bit sick so we haven't been able to work as much but what we have been able to do has gone great. He's a convert to the church which is awesome because his testimony is real and powerful. He knows the change the gospel can bring. He was also a succesful buisnessman when younger, meaning he is very much a people person, good for me to learn from because I am a bit quieter in nature. Should be a fun transfer.
It was nice being in a ward on Sunday, actually having a lot of people. I have missed the little kid messing around in sacrament meeting sound. It will take a lot more time than my last areas to get to know the members, but I look forward to it.
We got a little bit of snow this week, it melted after a day but I got to see Budapest in the snow which I had been hoping for. Super pretty. I think one of the nicest things about this city is the architecture, and by that I mean not everything is 10 stories tall and concrete. It's nice for a change.
We have an investigator that works at the theater here who got us free Shakespeare tickets that we got permission to go to today, so that should be fun.

Have a nice week!
Parkinson Elder