Monday, February 16, 2015

Albanians in Bakeries and Bulgarians with BoMs

First off, Happy Birthday to Hannah and Grandpa Beckham! I love you both!

We had a sweet week this week, lots of programs and lots of cool experiences.
Saturday we had a program cancel, but then ended up meeting with the member who we were bringing, were able to talk a lot and help them a lot with some things, at the end he asked if we could all say a prayer, which we did, super strong spirit and cool experience. Right after that on the way to another program we had a man walk out of a bakery and start talking to us. We chatted for a little about what we do as missionaries and then he had to run. At the end I finally realized why we knew him. He worked at the bakery, I had met him when buying something a week ago, I don't remember why we started talking but he mentioned he is from Albania, so I impressed him with a couple of Albanian words I picked up in the MTC, super cool. Unfortunetly we have no contact info, so pretty much we have to keep going back there and getting huge nutela filled crescants until we find him again.
We also gave away a Bulgarian Book of Mormon this week. On Wednesday we met someone who speaks Bulgarian, and then on Thursday we just happened to stumble across a Bulgarian BoM in the branch house when looking for an English one in a program, so we were able to hand that out later in the day.
I also met Ricsi, a man one of my MTC teachers taught and the investigator we pretended to teach my first week in the MTC. He is our bishop's son and the ward mission leader in Pest, I was super excited when I figured out that he was the same person.

We had Zone Training on Friday, it was wierd because our Zone is basically just the people in Budapest, super small geographically.
I started teaching past tense to our beginner English class, Hungarian has one past tense, English has 6. At least. Another reason to love Hungarian. It goes pretty well though, I just try to say as little false doctrine as possible, especially as I have no idea why English works.
Lots of Love,
Elder Parkinson