Monday, February 9, 2015

More Work in the Big City

Another good week this week, I feel like I'm getting the city down finally so I don't feel as lost anymore. We also got to see a baptism this week from 2 of the other Elders, those are always incredible, and a lot of ward members showed up as well.
We had a lot of good programs this week, a couple of people we teach are really close to baptism. We had one awesome family we teach accept baptism dates which was super cool. The son got baptized a few months back, and we have been teaching his parents. And when they said yes they told us that we would have to do something else too, we needed to get these two friends of theirs baptiized as well! Pleasent little suprise, hopefully we can meet and start teaching them soon as well.
The one thing about having a lot of programs is that we don't have the big blocks of finding that I had in my past cities. It's awesome, that's how it should be, but I need to now get better at using the small chunks of time we have more productively, talking to more people on the street while traveling, people on trams, etc. 

Elder Depallens and I have started going running in the morning, we went three times last week, we ran up Gellert's hegy, the hill where Hungary was dedicated for missionary work, super good view of the city. We also had an investigator come with us on one of the days which was cool, and then he showed up at church yesterday as well, super awesome.
We had dinner at the Stake President's yesterday which was awesome. He is from Idaho, his wife is Hungarian, and they have 3 boys that speak fluent Hunglish, they interchange English and Hungarian words all the time when talking. Super funny.
Scripture of the week that I really enjoyed - Alma 56:8. The people of Ammon saw the trials of the Nephites and wanted to help, it only seemed right. But following our commitment to God is always the correct choice. No matter what the worldy situaition looks like. We will never be worse off for following God. God's ways are above our ways, he knows what is right. And what was God's way in this situation - the Army of Helaman. I'd say it worked out pretty well.

Have a great week all of you, every member a missionary!
Parkinson Elder