Monday, February 23, 2015

Loving the People

I've been thinking a lot about the importance of loving the people lately. My companion has a great perspective on that, when he was investigating he really felt the love of the missionaries, even at the times he was not progressing as well. We have been trying to work on that, and have had some cool experiences with some people we had been trying hard to help even though they hadn't been progressing a ton.

Probably the coolest thing that happened this week was an awesome program we had on Saturday. It was an investigator that we had talked with a bit (he was also then one that went running with us a few weeks back), but he never seemed super interested in the gospel. We met him for a late lunch and had a long talk, he poured out a lot of his life story, which is super similar to my compaions (I think they are spirit twins seperated at birth), super cool. We then met a member at the church and we taught him the restoration. Easily the best restoration program I've been in. When we started talking about prayer he asked us how to pray, and after we explained he said he wanted to try it. He said an awesome prayer right there. He now said he really wants to read the Book of Mormon, he said he felt reborn. Overall it was just a super awesome experience, I can't wait to see where he goes.

We had another great program with our investigator who is athiestish, we have been talking a lot about getting spiritual knowledge. He hadn't seemed as interested in previous programs, mostly just liked talking to us in English, but this week he seemed really engaged. Asked a lot of questions. And he asked us to bring scriptures next time to answer a some of the questions that he had.

We also had a lot of fun last Monday going over to one of our new investigtor's houses, we had lunch with him and his sister, who was already being taught by the other Elders here. It was awesome because he is new but she asked us some religious questions so we got to have a great talk about why we are here and how the gospel helps us. I love it when Elder Depallens pulls the convert card in those situations, it works great.

We got to have interviews again this week with the mission president, it was wierd not having to travel for those, we just ran upstairs after a program, had interviews, and then ran down again for English class.
We got invited over to dinner by members on 4 of 7 nights last week, definetely a record on my mission. It was cool being able to interact with the members a little more. I also gained a lot of respect for my parents after having dinner at a household with 4 young kids.
Sok Szeretettel!
Parkinson Elder