Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter in Kaposvár

It's been a great last week, it feels like forever ago that I was sending my last email in Buda. Also, we had P-day this week on a Tuesday because Easter is a 2 day thing here, so they wanted us working on Easter Monday.

Kaposvár is a beautiful little city, I still don't know branch people very well because of General Conference, but those I have met are great. Elder Martineau is my new companion, he's a cowboy from St. George who has been here for a transfer. Super good worker except for weeks like this when he gets super sick and has to sleep a bunch. Luckily we found some nice soup packets at the store and now he is up and running again.

Conference this week was awesome. To quote our branch president - "When Satan goes to sleep he looks under his bed to see if Elder Holland is there". I believe that's true for all of our leaders. To me it seemed the big theme of conference was the family, a lot of talks on that. I also really liked hearing the parable of the sower as a missionary. I have seen the reality of seeds upon stoney ground out here, fast conversions to the missionaries that go inactive. I want to work more to convert these people to Christ. That is when they will stand strong through trials. My favorite part was the last 2 talks (for us at least), Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf back to back. It really made me think a lot about the atonement, how incredible it is, our role in relation to it. I read a lot in Romans this morning on the subject, chapters 3-7 are super good. It all comes down to giving our hearts to God so that through the power of the atonement he can lift us up.

We had a cool experience on the train ride out here, a man from England was sitting across from me, so we started chatting. He said he had seen a lot of anti-Mormon films, so I told him to go watch Meet the Mormons, and Elder Martineau had an English Book of Mormon so we were able to give that to him. It's so wierd meeting people all the time and hoping we helped them out when we will probably never see them again.

Some fun things this week. We went tracting yesterday and a nice old néni gave us some chocolate easter bunnies. Later my companion tried it and immedietaly spit it out. I looked at the ingredients list, turns out they had a bunch of alchohol in them. It's the thought that counts I guess. We also met an 88 year old man on the street who said he spent 10 years in Siberia after WW2. Another reminder to me that Hungarian history is intense.

Love you all, enjoy the spring!
Parkinson Elder