Monday, April 27, 2015

Notes from Kaposvár

Hello again! 

First news is that the baptism last week did not go through. We still don't have a font (although Elder Martineau and I went out to a nearby lake to scout it out for baptism spots), the real problem is we haven't been able to meet with our investigator all week, crazy work again. Kaposvár just had it's first murder in probably a decade so that's not helping (don't worry Mom, it's still a very safe city). So we prettty much have no idea what is going on with her, we just keep praying.

We did have some good success finding this week. With the nice weather we have abandoned the 10 stories and moved to the normal houses, they have some gorgeous dogs out there. We also found some great people. Early in the week one man let us right in and gave a Book of Mormon, had a good talk. Only problem is he believes his time in the military under the Russians destroyed any hope he has of being religious. He also offered us pálinka (homemade alchohol) and "hard drugs". We stuck with fanta and the scriptures. Hopefully he reads. Hopefully everyone reads.

Then on Saturday we met 2 people we were able to return to yesterday, taught them both the restoration. The first man was a little hard to teach because he kept going on tangents about the government, aliens, and underground Catholic hideouts in Turkey dating from 200 BC. He was accepting of our message though. He also pointed out a fun pun in Hungarian. Whenever we say God gave his power to prophets, it also means God gave 6 apples to prophets.

The second was an old couple, the husband was very quite, mostly just listened as we taught his wife. She loved it though, was super touched that we gave her a Book of Mormon, came out to share this message. In tears at the end of the program. God is putting people in our path that want to hear our message, it is super cool.

Also, when walking down the same street I overheard a few Néni's on the other side of the street talking about us. They were actually saying super nice stuff. That made my day, there are people that appreciate us.

Final thought, the more I read the scriptures the more I realize I don't understand them and need to read them more. God gave us the instruction manuel for how to get to heaven, we just need to read it.

The weather is actually starting to get hot here. It is beautiful!

Have a wonderful week!
Parkinson Elder