Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Transfer calls came in today, I'm leaving the big city and headed out to Kaposvár! I'll be sad to leave here but that sounds like a great place as well. Elder Depallens served there for 6 months earlier in his mission and had great things to say about it. I will also be able to serve with the Millers, the senior couple that knows Grandma and Grandpa and is in Aunt Ann's ward, for their last transfer.

It will be wierd leaving this city, I have learned a lot here and come to really love this city and the people here. This really is a labour of love. There is all sorts of ridiculous stuff we have to deal with out here that sometimes is not the most enjoyable, but when we love God, Jesus Christ, and the people we serve with and among, things will work out. Miracles will occour. It's no coinsedence that the two great commandments in the law are really just to love everybody.
I also have been thinking a lot about the plan of salvation, something I have studied and learned a lot about on our mission. We had some really good programs teaching that in the last week, I love it when investigators ask questions and really want to know more. And I love even more that we can answer their questions with the great bounty of knowledge God has blessed us with. The scriptures and living prophets are an incredible thing. I am also looking forward to General Conference this week, I hopefully will understand a lot more of it this time then I did 6 months ago. Should be awesome as always.

One quote I read the other day that I really liked from President Joseph Fielding Smith - "It is our duty to warn all men and endeavor to teach them the truth, so that those who will not hearken may be left without excuse". And this is speaking to all members, not just missionaries, we just have the special responsibility to do it even more.
Another fun member quote. I introduce myself as Elder Parkinson. "My mother had that disease". Starting conversations is so easy out here.
Also, some pictures finally.

Love you all, have a great week!
Parkinson Elder

​My district here in Buda, Elder Depallens is the 6th from the left, the one not smiling.

​Found your store Dad.