Monday, May 4, 2015

Fasting and Prayer

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Love you Mom! Hungarians celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, I'm looking forward to skyping on Sunday!

Some big news came in yesterday night, our Branch President (and ward mission leader, also a convert of about a year, basically awesome) called us up and said that he had gotten in contact with Z., our investigator that had a baptism date who we have been out of contact with. We haven't met for 3 weeks and it was looking like she might have dropped us. Prayer and Fasting works, he set up a time for us all to meet later this week. Awesome news!

We've been working a lot this week with another investigator this week, he knows everything is true and wants to be baptized (he asked us for a baptismal date), so we are working with him to get there. It was super humbling teaching him, super kind but has a very hard life. We had a super good fast and testimony meeting yesterday which I think helped, and he just found new work. Again, prayer and fasting works.

We also got to go out with the Millers (the senior couple here) to visit some less actives. One super humble home, they love the gospel, are trying to scrape up the money to move closer to Kaposvár so they can start coming to church.

Another fun fact about our ward, we have an older German couple here, she speaks fairly good English and some Hungarian, he doesn't speak much of either. So in church I translate to her and Sister Miller and then she translates to him. Works great except in Priesthood I just translate straight to him as best I can, when he has comments he types them into Google translate in German, and I translate the English into Hungarian for everyone else. I might have to start learning German soon.

Love you all! I can't wait for Skype next week!
Parkinson Elder