Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day again to Mom! It was great skyping with you all. Although now that we just talked I'm not really sure what to talk about.

We had Stake Conference on Sunday, we were able to watch it on brodcast from the branch house in Kaposvár. The Stake President gave a super good talk at the end, he gave a sweet extended annalogy to the Lion King. We are all like Simba.

We had some more good finding this week. We had a good let in where we could teach the restoration, the Lady couldn't believe we gave out free Books of Mormon. When I said that not everone excepted them she said, "why not, it's the truth!". That's what I keep thinking! So hopefully she enjoys that. She also had some Catholic friends come over when we were there that she tried to pull into the program, they were not interested at all, but she said she'd talk to them later about it. Also, as we were walking out in old lady was walking by that yelled, I know these boys, I met them on the main street. I guess she talked with missionaries at some point too.

We did splits this week, so I was with Elder Winkle for the day. It worked great because we had programs that day with both of our athiest investigators, and both of us have a special place in our hearts for athiests. The programs went super well.

Love you all, enjoy the springtime!
Parkinson Elder