Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Singin' in the Rain!

Yesterday was a big national holiday (Day of Pentecost), so everything was closed, including the library. So we are emailing today. Next week is transfers so I'll be emailing on Tuesday then as well.

The good thing about the holiday yesterday is that almost no one worked, and so we finally got to meet with J., the man who wants to get baptized but we haven't been able to meet for a while. He is such a good man, just life is hard. We need to get him married too, and we can't just have the bishop or branch president do that here, it has to be done by a city official or something, and that costs money. He said something in the program I really liked "all these (the commandments) are easy, it's life that is hard". I feel him on that one.

It's been raining most of the past week on and off, mostly just a light drizzle, just enough that people are much less likely to talk with us on the streets. We did spend some nice time back in ten stories, I haven't tracted those for a while, so it was fun to go back to. One day it was raining and we went out, Elder Martineau suggested a prayer before we decide what building we go to, and afterwards we started trying to get in. I had to go through the top 5 floors before anyone would let us in the building, but as we went through the next 5 floors we had 2 people that said we could return, a good lesson in patience.

We also got a good bike ride in the other day doing a look up from the area book, a lot of hills. We made it out there though and found a nice big family, not interested in meeting any more though. But right after that we met with another old investigator, and were able to meet a family friend, nice 24 year old guy who is looking for God. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and got his number, God places people in our path who are ready, it is so cool.

Last week of a great transfer ahead, it should be awesome. We'll see what happens on Tuesday.

Parkinson Elder