Monday, May 18, 2015

Trains and Name Days

I'll start of with a bit of Hungarian trivia- in Hungary there are only about 500 different names, and no other names are allowed. Then each name has it's own special day, so everyone here has a name day, pretty much just an extra excuse to party and probably break the Word of Wisdom. Why is this important? Today is my name day! Boldog Név napot nekem! (Happy Name Day to me!)

This week felt a little slow, we had interviews in Budapest, Zone Conference in Dunaújváros (overall 12 hours of train time), and Elder Maritneau has been a little sick (if you are his parents reading my blog he is doing wonderful, no need to worry, your son is awesome), so we didn't get to spend as much time working as usual.

We had a cool experience on Saturday, in one short block of streeting before a program the first and only person we talked with accepted a Book of Mormon and said we could meet later, after the program we went tracting and at the first door we gave out a Book of Mormon and they said we could come back later as well. That felt nice, it is moments like that that make all the rejection worth it.

I can now officially say I've been bit by a dog on my mission. There are a lot of dogs when we go tracting, usually pretty nice, often loud. I try to pet them a lot so they won't bark and I feel it breaks the ice with the people at the door if they see I am petting their dog, but this week one nice looking dog suddenly lunged at my hand. I think he really just wanted the Book of Mormon in it, but he knicked one of my knuckles instead. Not much, but it drew about half a millimeter of blood, so I can make a good story out of it now.

I've seen a couple of Kuvaszok during my mission tracting, they are huge! They always were pretty nice, I don't remember if I petted any of them but I don't think any of them tried to bite me. I'll search for them this week and let you know if I find any.

Also, on the animal theme we have a nice bird nest with some babies right outside our apartment. I think the baby birds just left the nest a couple of days ago.

This week I hit my year mark as a missionary, time has been flying so fast. We'll find some new investigators to celebrate.

Parkinson Elder

Looking for a baptismal font spot

Stork's nest

The field is yellow, all ready to harvest

Bird's nest by apartment.