Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Transfer Calls came in this morning! Elder Egan will be leaving and I will be staying here and training! That will be sweet, I will go meet my new companion tommorrow in Budapest.

Other awesome thing of the week. On Saturday I did my first ever baptismal interview for an investigator of the SIsters who is being baptized on Saturday. And during the interview she suprised me by asking if I would be the one to baptize her! So that will be happening this Saturday. And to make it even more awesome she just happens to be the twin sister of someone I taught in Miskolc who got baptized a few weeks after I left, and she will be coming down for the baptism as well. So that was basically awesome.

We also are still teaching this new Buddhist investigator of ours, it's interesting, because some things he understands really really well, but other basic truths, such as God and Jesus Christ he doesn't get. It kind of reminds me of the letter Tom just wrote. But he responded really well to Jospeh Smith, and decided it was true. It was also really cool when we talked about the Book of Mormon. He read a bit and said it has to much fighting, and then started talking about his life and his enemies, problems, etc... I was like, this is exactly why the Book of Mormon is so important, they all had problems too, wars, rumors of wars, all that good stuff. If life was all perfect in it how could it help us in our messed up lives? I didn't say it exactly like that but pretty much, and he took it pretty well. He is also the only man I ever had complain church was too short when we invited him. I think he would be down to become a Mormon Monk.

We also had a sweet experience yesterday, we were tracting and knocked on the door of our first counsler. I still hadn't been able to talk with him much before this so it was awesome to get let in, be able to go over some administative stuff with him, get to know the family, share a spiritual thought, and have them give us the name and address of a friend they know who would like to meet. And then on the way to our next thing after that a 14 year old kid walks up to us, says he's a member and holds the priesthood, and is coming to the baptism on Saturday. Elder Egan has been passing the sacrament every week this transfer so hopefully we can change that.

We also had interviews last week with President Szabadkai. It was awesome having an all Hungarian interview. He will do great things for this mission.

Parkinson Elder