Monday, September 21, 2015


Our week started off pretty rough, by the end of Tuesday we had had 6 straight programs fall through, but after that it picked up and ended up going really well. We had some new people we met with, one really cool younger couple we met on the streets last week with whom we were able to share the restoration. We also had a family we tracted into a few weeks ago call up a friend and bring invite him to our program, he has met with the missionaries in the past as well, and will be coming to our program with them next week.

We had a couple of new inactives that we were able to get in contact with this week as well. We have been working a lot here with the sisters and the Baileys to go through the branch list and clear it up, it reminds me of Tom taking on the list in Oslo but not as big. We hadn't been having a lot of success, mostly just wrong numbers or adresses or not interested people, but last week we had a 14 year old guy walk up to us on the street and tell us tehy were members, we got his dad's number from him and have been able to meet with them twice already. And another lady that finally returned our calls that we were able to meet with.

We had a pretty intense program on Saturday with one of our investigators, he has really been trying to find the truth about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We taught the Gospel of Christ and focused on the Priesthood, it worked perfectly because we have a member getting married this week so he had a question about church marriages and so we were able to start by talking about temples and the priesthood sealing power. It went good over all, but I hate it when people ask the So my baptism isn't valid question. It went well in the end, he knows it all comes down to the Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon question.

That's about it, we went out to a super pretty little village this morning and did some hiking.

Have a great week!
Parkinson Elder
Eger Branch