Monday, September 7, 2015

Picking Up

This week went well, it feels like we are finally starting to find some people after all the finding we have been doing. We have been getting a lot of people the past couple weeks who have said they would like to meet, but no new investigators from it, either people being busy, dogging, bad numbers, or other stuff. We found a family last week tracting that we taught twice and are going back to on Saturday so that should be sweet. We also met a couple of men yesterday tracting that we gave a Book of Mormon to and who said we could come back, and we have a first program set up for Thursday with a member's father in her home, and ran into an old investigator on the street yesterday who said he had been out of the country but that we can meet this week. So Eger is hopefully looking up. Also, the sisters here are killing it, we finally had a real prieshood lesson in church yesterday, 2 of the 3 people there were their investigators.

Also, we had a beautiful display this week of the right way to act when running into missionaries in a foriegn country (shout out to Jeff and Tracey Hicks).
1. Run into them in the main square of the city and buy them ice cream.
2. Give them the contact information of a family you met there that would be intersted in meeting and hearing a message on the family.
3. Give them some great missionary advice on how the gospel blesses families that pumps them up for the rest of the night.
4. Accidently run into them the next day and take them out to lunch.

We also have started up our English classes again after a break in August. It was pretty small, but hopefully it builds up again.

That's about it, we are off to a member family's house tonight to teach an FHE lesson on the restoration. That should be fun.

Elder Parkinson