Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer over

So this will be quick, we had the new missionary training in Buda yesterday which is why we are emailing today. We don't have much time so it will be quick.

We had branch conferecne on Sunday so a lot of people came down, including the mission president and his wife. And I got to teach sunday school afterwards so that was fun. It went really well, lots of comments. We are also now down to a 2 hour church here, we decided we don't have the people to support a 3 hour schedule.

We also had President and Sister Szabadkai do a devotional thing for us on Saturday night, a lot of people showed up and it went really well, that was a good experience.

We had a lot of stuff to do last week coming into those two things on the weekend, but it all ended up going really smoothly.

Quick companion description on request from the parents- Elder Lawrence, just turned 19, from Arizona, went to ASU for a year before the mission in bio-chem, he's about as tall as I am, speaks very well for being young, and likes talking to people. And he has already been taught how to make Lecsó.

We had a lot more finding as well, that went well again. I'm hoping that with the summer vacation ending we will have an easier time meeting with people and setting up programs. We are also starting up English Class again this week, we took a break in August.

All in all, life is good.

Parkinson Elder