Monday, September 14, 2015

The Spirit

This weel went great, we had a lot of people cancel and not show but it still went well. More finding.

Highlight was on Friday. We had a district meeting in the morning on the Spirit's role in conversion, and how to help investigators feel it. It went super well, we then went out tracting, and I was feeling awesome, talking with everyone, full of enthusiasm. I think the Spirit was saying thanks for giving it a shout out in District Meeting. I should do that more. We were able to get numbers from two people on the way, one of whom we met with again this morning to give him a Book of Mormon and he said he would be at church on Sunday. When tracting we had one super cool experience that the Spirit deffinitely led us to. At one door we were waiting, and another man came up and asked if we were looking for the man who lives there.  We said we were missionaries trying to share a message, so he calls up the man who lives there, and we talked briefly over the phone and he said we can possibly come back tommorrow. We then talked with the other man who gave us the phone and set up to go visit him on Wednesday and share a message about our church. It was not by chance that we both showed up to that door at the same time.

We also went on splits with the Zone Leaders again this week, it went great again. We have some awesome missionaries here in Hungary.

We went on a hike this morning to the top of a nearby hill (the Hungarians might call it a mountain, but definetely not), we had to run back part of the way, luckily we made it back in time to get some emailing in.

The branch took a bus out to Miskolc yesterday for district conference, that was a lot of fun. Almost 4 hours of translating for the Baileys, but it was all good stuff, and most of the speakers didn't talk too fast.

It's starting to cool down, fall is here!

Parkinson Elder