Monday, October 12, 2015

Big City Life

So I'm back in Budapest, my area is the south half of Pest, but we get the main part of the city as well, so our area has about a million people. Which is about 15 times bigger then Eger. I like it a lot, I enjoy big city life, all of the people on the streets, having more then just concrete Russian buildings to tract. Although I'll be honest, I've come to love those concrete Russian 10 stories. It's super cool having a ward here too, I had my fisrt mission correlation meeting in 3 months, and we had a lot of people in church, with the sacrament being passed by all young men. And we have a ton of little kids in this ward to, it was so loud in sacrament meeting, I love it.
We also got to see the last session of general conference, they played it at church for the 2nd and third hours. All the talks were really good, I feel bad for the guy that had to translate ponderizing. That was a really good talk, and I also liked Elder Bednars. It's wierd thinking how many apostles have died during my life time. It's also wierd thinking that President Monson has been around since before Mom and Dad's lifetimes. So many great people.
So I'm serving here with Elder Anderson, this is his last transfer before he heads back home. We have pretty similar lives, he was born in the big city (Vegas), moved to Nebraska when 1, and then moved to Idaho about the same time we did. Except for he lives in Burley. Isn't that Grimsey's home town? Anyway, he's a great missionary and we should have a great transfer.
Also, there are four of us here in Kispest, us and Elder Beaumont who is training Elder Stephens, the one Tom mentioned in his letter a few weeks ago with a twin in Norway. So it's a small world.

We don't have a lot of investigators here, so we are hoping to get that up. I like finding here though. The only down side is that we have to spend a bit of time travelling to get to the main city where we do a lot of our work. Back to public transport. Unlike Eger where we could walk anywhere in 30 minutes or less. Also, it's definetly starting to get colder. Luckily suit coat season starts in 3 days.
Elder Parkinson