Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween!

It was a very busy week last week, we had a lot of stuff going on. On Wednesday we had Zone Training which went really well, and then we went on splits with the Buda Elders, I was with Elder Lee (old companion from Kaposvár), so that was a lot of fun. We were able to find a cool new investigator tracting too, an older man, before I even finished saying my name he told us to come in. "I don't know who you are or what you want but I'm sure I'll find out." When we told him we were missionaries he said he was athiest, but was open to the idea that that could change. The hardest thing was trying to stay focused, he had so many questions. I kept having to use the we'll talk about that later card. But we'll head back tomorrow to continue.

Some other fun tracting things. A dog that was at least 200 pounds. He could have eaten Splash. I think it was half wolf and half elephant. We also got let in by a nice lady soon after that - blessings for not being scared away. We also had a young guy open the door in a robe (not bathrobe, think old Christian monk). We interrupted a feast to the Celtic gods. But we got his number and he said we can come back.

We also got to do some service chopping wood for one of the other Elder's investigators. That was a nice little workout.

We had a ward halloween party on Saturday. Halloween is not Hungarian, but they are picking it up, especially in the church because all the missioanries love it. And we had it a week early because Buda is having one next week. That was fun, we had a good show up and some investigators showed up. We also got to take part in the pumpkin carving contest.

That's about it, life is great. I've been thinking a lot about how God helps us in this work. It's interesting, because as he directs us it's not neccesarily just to spread the gospel. It's about building us. God is perfectly capaple of spreading the gospel (see Mosiah 27 for details), but he is helping us to become the best we can. And while we're at it we get the blessing of being able to help others. That's really what the whole church is about.

Thanks for the letters! And once again have a wonderful week!
Parkinson Elder