Monday, October 19, 2015

Tracting and Stuff

So I feel like my subjest line is really lame because both my siblings have awesome identical Nephi quote's in theirs. Anyone else notice that? It'll have to do.

This was busy but good. I guess those two are usually related. On Wednesday we got to run over to the other side of the river for Mission Leadership Conference, it was my first time at one of those so that was pretty cool. We also went on splits with the AP's right after that, so I had an oppourtunity to be back in Buda for a day. A lot of fun and I learned a lot as well. We now need to plan out Zone Training for next week, this will be the first time I've taught one of those. We have a really sweet Zone though, I have 3 old companions here (Elders Craig, Martineau, and Lee), which is half of my old companions that are still out here.

This week went really well, we ended up with more programs then we expected, mostly from some good success tracting. One interesting one last night, two Jehovah's Witnesses (they were still very open though) who had been drinking (not too much, but a little) and their athiest communist roommate. We ended up giving the 2 a Book of Mormon and they said we can come back, the third is not interested and moving soon anyway.

We also got a suprise new baptism date.He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while and we actually both knew him from Buda, but he called us up and we met, basically we asked him why he hasn't been baptized, he didn't feel ready, we talked about it and he said the spirit struck him and that he wants to get baptized as soon as possible. So we set a date for November 7th, but he didn't come to church so we'll see. That was a really cool program though. Whenever an investigator tells you the spirit just told them to get baptized it's a good day.

We also went and tried to meet all of our neighbors (advice for President Szabadkai), so we went and knocked on all their doors and introduced ourselves and made some no bake cookies. It was really wierd for both of us knocking on doors and trying to be normal people. I'm definetly going to be an awkward RM when I get back. It went pretty good, most of the people didn't really say a lot, but one couple might have us over for dinner at some point.

Have a great week! Enjoy daylight savings!
Parkinson Elder