Monday, March 9, 2015


First off, Happy Birthday to Mom! I hope it went well. It was a week of birthdays this week, Elder Depallens turned 24 (yeah he's old) yesterday. Sunday birthdays are awesome, because we sent out a mass text to everyone telling them it was his birthday and so they should come to church. It worked all right, we had a couple of new people come, including our athiest investigator! We also had a guy from English class randomly show up and stay all 3 hours, he said he'd be interested in meeting this week, hopefully that works out.
Other then that this week was a little slower then usual. My companion's knee was killing him during the week, he had surgery on it a few years back and it was acting up again, so that slowed us down a little. Luckily he's feeling better now, we're thinking it was just the change in the weather, it's getting a lot warmer suddenly.
I did get a lot of good studies this week, I focused a lot on revelation, I found a really good talk by Elder Oaks from Oct 2010 conference, on how revelation comes personally and through the priesthood. Super good talk. I'm super gratefull for all the scriptures we have. With those and the words of modern prophets we can find answers to pretty much any question. It just might take some time.
We have Elder Kearon of the 70 coming down this week for a missionary conference, that should be awesome. He was the one who gave the conference talk a few years back about being stung by a scorpian because he was wearing flip flops instead of shoes. Awesome talk. I'm looking forward to that conference a lot.
Also, little note on member missionary work. We have a member here called M. He is the only member in his family, but now both his parents are meeting with us and have baptism dates for May, his brother and brother's wife now want to meet with us, and his cousin and her family should now be meeting with the missionaries in another city. All because of M's decision to live the gospel and be a great example to his family. Yeah, he's awesome. Every member a missionary!

Have a great week!
Parkinson Elder