Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Sun is Shining, Mostly

Greetings again from Hungary. This past week flew by super fast, and I can't think of much to write about. It was good though. Also, the weather has been beautiful the past week.

We had a partial solar eclipse on Thursday. It was in the middle of a Zone Training but they took a short break in the middle so we could all run out and look at it. I think it was 60% covered or something at the peak, enough that we could tell, mostly we just blinded ourselves. I heard it was better farther north so maybe they had a good view in Norway.
I had a fun experience with some people who wanted to Bible bash after English class. Part of me wanted to start Bible bashing back but I decided to stick with bearing testimony instead. It was interesting talking to them, because they were super nice people and I feel like they were really just concerned for my soul. And they had some good ideas, pretty much believed in the great apostasy, just didn't know about the restoration. I told them to read the Book of Mormon, hopefully they do. 
Investigator quote of the week - "Where's the book that says life is easy, I want to follow that one". I can understand him on that one. My companion proceeded to make a great analogy to Mario so it all went well.
Closing thought on supporting out leaders. I was thinking of how people always give the example Sam in the Book of Mormon and being a righteouss follower. I then I thought that example would be better if we made it Samwise Gamgee instead, mostly because he's a hobbit. Que insperational clip of him carrying Frodo up Mt Doom. Our leaders carry priesthood keys of power to direct us, and although we can not carry the keys for them, we can carry them, if we support and uphold them in the work.

I'll be emailing on Tuesday next week due to transfer calls.
Have a great week! Smile!
Parkinson Elder