Monday, March 16, 2015

Holidays and a bunch of spiritual stuff

We had some big holidays this week. First and foremost was Pi Day of course, I knew it was coming but actually forgot about it until partway through English class, and I then explained the significance to the class. I think they sort of got it. We also had Hungarian Independence Day yesterday (also the day Ceaser died right?), we sung the Hungarian National anthem in church. Super pretty, but I had no idea what the words were. I should learn that.

Other big thing from yesterday, the new Hungarian law went into effect about working on Sundays. I'm not sure exactly what it entails, there were still some places open, but for the most part places are shut down. The playground by our apartment was the fullest I've ever seen it.

We had an awesome meeting on Wednesday with President Kearon of the 70, he talked a lot about the little things that we can improve, how to do better at finding and teaching, improving our mornings. I learned a lot that I need to apply to my work, I felt super spiritually pumped up afterwards. We had some really good programs afterwards. 

I have learned a lot this transfer about boldness when teaching, something Elder Depallens does very well. The most important thing is love, because if that is there and the investigator feels it then we can pretty much say anything we want. People only get offended or uncomfortorable if the love isn't there. The second thing is clarity, I think the Norwegian Elder Parkinson said something like that a few months back, how boldness is teaching simply and clearly. I feel like sometimes we try to teach the gospel in a round about way to avoid certain subjects or explain away certain doctrine. In my experience that doesn't work well. Simple clear doctrine will stand by itself, and if we present it with love, the Spirit will bear testimony of it to their hearts. Also, most (if not all) truth can only be really known through the Spirit. I have realized there is a very big difference between "knowing" a truth and having the Spirit make a truth known unto us. It's the difference between someone who knows the church is true and someone who actually lives the gospel. Let's all go for #2.
Well that just turned into a big spiritual thought on a bunch of stuff I've been thinking about, one more thing along those lines. The Book of Mormon. In the conference President Kearon emphasized the importance of explaining on a personal level why the Book of Mormon is important, not just saying it is this cool new scripture. I was thinking about that I realized that every day when I read the Book of Mormon the veil becomes thinner. Heaven becomes closer. Every day I don't read it the veil thickens again. Yeah, the book of Mormon is awesome.
One final quote I loved, I think from President Benson or Monson or some prophet. "True doctrine, understood, will change behavior faster then a study of behavior will change behavior". Very true. If we really understand doctrine, it will bring about change naturally.
Love you all, have a great week! Enjoy the start of spring.
Parkinson Elder